• The mission of the Hyrum Library is to aid patrons, of all ages, in the pursuit of recreational and educational reading, answer reference questions by text and electronic sources, address inter-cultural needs of the community, aid patrons exploring occupational opportunities and obtaining the goal of a higher quality of life.

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About Utah's Online Library

What is Utah's Online Library? 

Utah's Online Library is a collection of electronic resources. It provides statewide access to newspaper articles, magazines, professional journals, encyclopedias, video, photographs, maps, charts, and graphics. 

Who Uses Utah's Online Library? 

Students and citizens of all ages use Utah's Online Library. Educators and parents are regular users. Utah's Online Library delivers thousands of full-text resources to Utahns every day. 

Where can I find Utah's Online Library? 

You can access Utah's Online Library from Utah public libraries, schools, and universities. Some of Utah's Online Library resources are also available at home through the Internet. 

Why Should I use Utah's Online Library? 

It is a fast and easy way to find credible and up-to-date information for school, work, and personal use. If you need documented, published information, chances are you'll find it through Utah's Online Library. It saves energy, time, and money. 

Who sponsors Utah's Online Library? 

Utah's Online Library is a non-profit public service of Utah public libraries, public schools, and college and university libraries. Utah's Online Library partners include Utah Education Network (UEN), Utah State Office of Education (USOE), Utah State Office of Higher Education (USHE), Utah Academic Library Consortium, and the Utah State Library Division.



Library programs:

Book Club

Through the interlibrary loan program, book clubs are eligible to request kits free of charge.
Book Buzz lends book sets to book clubs, book groups, libraries, organizations, schools, and community centers. The Utah State Library acquired the Book Buzz lending program from the Utah Center for the Book, Utah Humanities Council in 2012.

Please submit one title plus two backup titles.
Book club titles must be requested through the Hyrum Library.

Available titles
Book Club Form


Pre-school Story Time

The Library holds monthly Preschool Story Time for children Ages 3-5 Years old. Sign up is required and begins on the first day of each month. The Library holds Story Time during the months of September through May.


Summer Reading Program

The Summer Reading program is offered for ALL ages. The Summer Reading program brings families to the library for reading and cultural activities. This program encourages summer literacy, along with free activities for the family. You can read more about the Summer Reading Program at cslpreads.org.